Routila Fishing Alarm Light Kit
Routila Fishing Alarm Light Kit
Routila Fishing Alarm Light Kit

Routila Fishing Alarm Light Kit

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70% of hooked fishes go unnoticed by fishers.

Recent research suggests that fisherfolks have experienced a great increase in successful catches by using a fishing alarm.

Common bite alarm equipment is always disregarded because of the sole reason of durability issues that were smartly fixed with our Fishing Alarm Light Kit that are scientifically proven to work with much efficiency.

Still not convinced? Here are some of its amazing feats!


Even with its superior functionality, our Fishing Alarm Light Kit is very easy to carry and transport which means you can bring it anywhere with you! From laid-back fishing to open-water fishing!


Our Fishing Alarm Light Kit is designed for our customers to enjoy much more time in the water! So, it was our priority to make it as easy to install as possible!


After going through efficiency tests, our Fishing Alarm Light Kit has been proven to last much more than a typical bite alarm while providing a much-improved notification alarm!


Having its alarm designed according to modern systems, our Fishing Alarm Light Kit guarantees that you would NEVER miss any bite on any fish in any water that you might be in!


In efforts to cancel the possibility of missing a fish bite, we equipped our Fishing Alarm Light Kit with LED lights that according to science are the easiest colors to get noticed by the human eye!

_"I am stoked! The quality is so good. I went fishing with my buddies last weekend and it worked. So awesome!" Dustin M., Orlando, FL_

Tested and proven by applied science, our Fishing Alarm Light Kit assures our customers that they would never have to experience the pain of missing a hooked fish.

Passionate and competitive fisherfolks, this device would change your fishing life/career forever.

The Routila Guarantee:

At Routila, we take satisfaction to a new standard, and that all begins with our customer experience. We offer all of our customers a 30-day money back guarantee for any issues with our products that affect your experience. We value all of our amazing customers, and will do whatever it takes to take care of you. + FREE Worldwide Shipping on us, Enjoy the savings.

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