Best-Selling Routila Spinning Reel Series 7000
Best-Selling Routila Spinning Reel Series 7000
Best-Selling Routila Spinning Reel Series 7000
Best-Selling Routila Spinning Reel Series 7000

Best-Selling Routila Spinning Reel Series 7000

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More than half of fishing enthusiasts express their frustrations about unconventional fishing equipment causing more harm than ease.

Study shows that the majority of them specifically pointed out the unreal struggle of using oxidized/NaCl built-up spinning reels.

As opposed to these types of spinning reels, the 7000 Spinning Reel is the solution to your rusty spinning reel problems, since it is designed with a special kind of stainless steel that is mainly made for long-lasting fishing adventures.

The 7000 Spinning Reel is also equipped with a smart spooling system which actually prevents jumbling the fishing line at all times making it much easier to use!

Why should you get the 7000 Spinning Reel ASAP? Let’s find out why!


Unlike any other spinning reels, the 7000 Spinning Reel can be used in any type of water body, whether on freshwater or saltwater. It’s all up to you!


The deterioration of spinning reels is mainly caused by unavoidable salt build-up or rusting.  The 7000 Spinning Reel is built with special stainless steel that prevents all of those guaranteeing a much longer lifespan!


The 7000 Spinning Reel begs to differ! Opposed to the common spooling problems that most of the spinning reels offer especially those used ones, the 7000 Spinning Reel is equipped with a spooling system that prevents jumbling of fishing lines!


With the special tweaks done to it, the 7000 Spinning Reel assures our customers the luxury of having smooth-sailing fishing stories!

_"Stunning! I had to purchase it again because my dad loves this reel. He borrowed it when he went fishing with his friends and asked if he could keep it." Brandon M., Miami, FL_

The modern systems applied to the 7000 Spinning Reel make it the best choice for any fishing enthusiasts looking to have easy fishing days!

If you want to have the best catches while staying extremely comfortable, the 7000 Spinning Reel is what you need!

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